Arthroscopic Stabilisation

Recurrent shoulder dislocations or instability symptoms may require arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation surgery (shoulder dislocation surgery) which involves repair of torn labral tissue or a Bankart repair. Sometimes a capsular plication is required to "tighten" loose capsular tissue. This is usually done via an "all arthroscopic" or "Key Hole" technique.

High strength sutures are passed around the capsule and labral tissue via arthroscopic cannulas which are inserted through small incisions or portals sometimes referred to as "Key Holes".


Pushlock anchors (made of either bio-resorbable or PEEK plastic material) are then used to secure the tissue into a "Bumper" shape to restore the normal labral anatomy.

Dr Maguire performs most shoulder stabilisation surgery arthroscopically. 

If a patient has a major bone loss problem an open shoulder stabilisation or a Laterjet procedure may be required.

Shoulder dislocation surgery performed at the Gold Coast by Dr Maguire can be undertaken as a "Day Stay" Case without the need to stay in hospital overnight.

Below are links to videos outlining the "Push Lock" Knotless Shoulder Arthroscopic Stabilisation Technique used by Dr Maguire.

Click here to see a video of Dr Maguire's technique for arthroscopic stabilisation.

Click here to view a slide show of a "Push Lock" Knotless Shoulder Arthroscopic Stabilisation Technique performed by Dr Maguire. 

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