Shoulder Replacement

Gold Coast Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon Dr Michael Maguire performs Total Shoulder Replacement for a range of shoulder complaints ranging from arthritis due to massive irreparable rotator cuff tears to primary osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder.

There are three basic types of Shoulder Replacement used. The first is a Hemiarthroplasty, the second an anatomic shoulder prosthesis and the third a reverse or inverse shoulder replacement.

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The Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement System currently used by Dr Maguire is the RSP from DJO Global.

The RSP is one of the most well-published reverse shoulders on the market with over forty peer reviewed journal publications.

The RSP system features an anatomic humeral neck-shaft angle. Biomechanical testing has shown that having a humeral neck-shaft angle in the range of normal anatomy reduces the potential for inferior scapular notching.

Humeral Neck Shaft 135deg

For successful bony ingrowth, a stable interface between the bone and the prosthetic device is required during initial healing. The design of the RSP baseplate provides 2000N of compression between the prosthesis-bone interface, providing stable initial fixation as well as ideal conditions for bony ingrowth for long-term fixation. 

Enhanced Fixation

A great deal of variability can be experienced in rotator-cuff-deficient shoulders. The RSP system offers unmatched versatility, in size and offset, of glenospheres to manage complex anatomy and surgical outcomes. 

RSP different head sizes 44

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